Curacao, Sep 7-14, 2013

email address William (Billy) Albert Putman

This year I traveled to Curacao and went diving with Ocean Encounters, Sep 8 - 12, 2013. My dive buddy and I dove 11 different dive sites. We stayed at the Sea Aquarium Royal Resort across from the main dive shop and boat dock. Ocean Encounters has several dive shops located at various resorts around the island: at Lions Dive and Beach Resort, Sunscape Resort, Hilton, and the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort The dive boat would stop at the resorts on the way to the dive shop to pick up divers, or shuttle them to the boat dock. Divers must sign-up the day before. The people at Ocean Encounters always met us with a smile and took us to excellent dive locations. All of the dive masters were from Holland and spoke excellent English: Maik, Yolanda, Maurice, Ingrid, Pol, and Willem. I found the other divers to be very experienced and fun to be around.


Billy at Small Wall (photo by Mariana)

Nick at Shipwreck Reef

Dive Master, Pol, at Smokeys Reef

Dive Buddy, Bill, at Booby Trap

Ocean Encounters Dive Shop

Ocean Encounters Dive Boat

Augustos Restaurant at Sea Aquarium

Willemstad at night
Dive Sites

Small Wall - Sea lion fish

Small Wall - coral

Small Wall - sponges

Small Wall - Sea fan

Small Wall - Social feather duster

Beacon Point - Brain coral

Beacon Point - Golden Crinoid

Beacon Point - Corky sea fingers

Beacon Point - Elkhorn coral

Shipwreck Reef - Stag horn coral

Shipwreck Reef - Fire coral

Shipwreck Reef - Fire coral

Sandys Plateau - Barrel sponges

Sandys Plateau - Harlequin bass in Sheet coral

Booby Trap - Blue tip sea anemone

Sea Aquarium - Spiral worm on fire coral

Sea Aquarium - Spiral sea worm

Mushroom Forest - Cleaner shrimp

Port Marie - Lion fish

Port Marie - Tube sponge