Isla de Mujeres, May 18-25, 2013

email address William (Billy) Albert Putman

Franziska and I spent a week vacation on Isla de Mujeres in Mexico. We stayed at Avalon Reef Resort. I went scuba diving four days with Mundaca Dive Shop,, located at the resort. Mundaca Divers has three small boats and take a maximum of eight divers per trip.

Atlantis Reef - French / Bluestriped Grunts

Atlantis Reef - Brain and Elkhorn coral

Atlantis Reef - Elkhorn coral

Atlantis Reef - Yellow Boring Sponge

Atlantis Reef

Atlantis Reef - Lindy

Atlantis Reef - Lindy

Rigaldo, Christian, Lindy, and Sean

Mundaca Divers - Rigo, Carla and Scott

Mundaca Divers - Henry and Rigo

Tiburones Dormidos

Tiburones Dormidos

Manchones Reef - Alicia

Alicia and Marty

Manchones Reef - Marty

Manchones Reef - Scott

Manchones Reef - Star Coral and Sea Fan


Manchones Reef

Manchones Reef

Manchones Reef

Manchones Reef

Manchones Reef

Pailas Reef - Gray Angelfish

Pailas Reef - Invasive Lion Fish

Pailas Reef - Scorpion Fish

Pailas Reef - Purple Mouth Moray