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Bonair Dive Trips

I have been to Bonaire five times and stayed different places. Each place had something I liked, so they were all good.
2006 Buddy's Dive Resort, May 30 - Jun 3, 2006
2011 Buddy's Dive Resort, Aug 1 - 8, 2011.
2012 Divi Flamingo, Oct 7 - 13, 2012
2014 Captan Don's Habitat, Aug 29 - Sep 6, 2014
2017 Buddy's Dive Resort, Sep 2 - 9, 2017.

Buddy's Dive Resort

Buddy's Dive is north of town. It has an excellent boat operation, and one of the best drive-throughs to pick up tanks. The breakfast bar is amazing, and the palapa bar is great! Also, my personal opinion is that HR at Buddy's does a wonderful job at hiring good staff and dive masters.

Divi Flamingo

Divi Flamingo is near town so its a five minute walk to restaurants. The lockers are located on the boat dock so there is no need to carry gear back and forth. I liked the rooms, here, the best because of the screened-in porch.

Captain Don's Habitat

Captain Don's is north of town, nort of Buddy's Dive. It has some great dive sites. It is within swimming distance of the Small Wall dive site. The lockers are within a little cave-grotto beneath the resort, so one can gear-up for a shore dive in the shade


Buddy's Dive palapa bar
Bill and Bill 07/05/2011

Buddy's Dive 07/06/2011
Dive Masters: Irene and Franchesca

Buddy's palapa Bar 09/08/2017
Dive Masters: Julia, Guillermo and Gordon

Dive Buddy, Bill, at Booby Trap

Bonaire Island Map

Ocean Encounters Dive Boat

Augustos Restaurant at Sea Aquarium

Willemstad at night
Dive Sites

Buddy's Dive Resort
Leaf coral and fire coral

Buddy's Dive Resort - Juvenile
Damselfish and Christmas tree worm

Buddy's Dive Resort
Brown tube sponge

Buddy's Dive Resort
Christmas tree worm

Eighteen Palms - fish swarm

Eighteen Palms - sea anemone

Eighteen Palms - trunkfish

Hilma Hooker Underwater Wreck

Hilma Hooker underwater wreck
Bill Pamplin at 80ft

Kelly's Reef
Sand diver

Munk's Haven
purple tube coral

Munk's Haven
Damselfish and Grasby

Munk's Haven 09/03/2014
Sand diver

Reef Scientifico 09/05/2014
Scorpion fish

Klein Bonaire - Hands Off
Underwater scenery

Sea Aquarium - Spiral worm on fire coral

Sea Aquarium - Spiral sea worm

Mushroom Forest - Cleaner shrimp

Port Marie - Lion fish

Port Marie - Tube sponge