Carden Photo Genealogy

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My great-uncle Bill Putman married Sibyl Carden. Since my grandfather and grandmother died before I was born, Bill and Sibyl acted like grandparents to us. They never had any children of their own. They took care of my great-grandfather, J.M. Putman, until he died in 1960. We spent many weekends and holidays at their home north-east of Pea Ridge. According to my father, Jerry Putman, the land was part of the old Carden homestead, that Bill bought from Sibyl's father. The Carden home still stands (barely) in the field near Bill's house.

ca. 1905 Cynthia Jo Carden Dean and family
Back; (L-R)Burch Estes Dean, Caroline "Carrie" Virgina Dean (Keith's grandmother), Hiram Calloway Dean.
Front;(L-R) Rev. Calloway P.V. Dean, Mitchell Cloe Dean, and Cynthia Jo Carden Dean
The two oldest children, Austin Floyd Dean and Lewis Wesley Dean had apparently already left home
(Photo courtesy of Keith Tetstone)

Detail from Civil War Reunion photo
ca. 1918
John Hileman, William Carden and John Woodard

(Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Detail from Putman Renunion ca. 1919
Carl Putman, John Carden, W.T."Bill" Putman
Teresa Putman, Mrs. Carnaham, Lela Putman, Mable Carden, ?
Zoe Carden, unknown(?), Laurene Putman
(Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Elkhorn Tavern Reunion: circa 1918
Captain Pickens, Leno McDonald, Rev. Wilson, John Hileman, William L. Carden, John Woodard, John Hilhair, J.C. Lee, and Jimmie Long at Elkhorn Tavern in Pea Ridge, Arkansas for a reunion around 1918.
(Photo courtesy of Charles Robert Putman II)

J J Putman store in Pea Ridge, AR ca. 1914
J M Putman (JJ's brother) stands in the doorwary(behind bicycle to left)
Also, William Carden may be standing behind J M Putman
(Putman Family Papers MC 1452, 3-6-10 Special Collections,
University of Arkansas Libraries, Fayettevile)

Family Reunion 1919 (Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Seated Behind Table L to R: William Henry "Bill" Putman, Calvin Putman,
Wilson (Chester?) Carden, Carl Putman, Mr. John Carden, William Thomas "Bill" Putman

Front of Table on Left: Sybil Putman (standing),
Mary Ann Lee Putman, Edna Swift Putman, Mrs. Victoria Carden, Millie Lee
On Knees L to R: Joe Bogle, Joe Putman, unknown

Front of table center: Charlotte Mabry Putman Bogle (seated),
Standing L to R: John Jahu Putman, Ed Bogle Joseph Martin Putman

Front of table on right: Teresa Putman, Mrs. Carnahan (holding Rex Putman),
Lela Putman, Mable Carden, unknown, unknown
On knees L to R: Zoe Carden, unknown, Laurene Putman

Note: Several copies of this photo exist (Charles Putman, Carol Putman, and
Laurene Putman Compton. Ed Bogle is identified by Carol and Charles. Laurene
is identified based on her copy. Unfortunately, there are still several people

Sibyl or Mabel Carden, ca. 1917
Photo has Sibyl's name on the back
(Photo courtesy of Joyce McCann)

Carden family? ca. 1919
Olen Hileman and Sibyl Carden(?) (unknown)
(Photo courtesy of Joyce McCann)

Mabel Givens Obituary
April 2, 2000
Morning News of
Northwest Arkansas

Old Carden home, north-east of Pea Ridge, AR - Nov 20, 2007
According to Jerry Putman, his uncle, William Thomas "Bill" Putman, bought the property
from Sibyl's father, John Thomas Carden. Apparently, the old Carden cemetery is located
near the house.

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