John Bond Putman

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John Bond Putman (Mar 18, 1829 - 1862)
Matilda Jane Bone Putman (1837 - 1878)

On Jan. 4, 1850 John Bond married Matilda "Tilda" Jane Bone, daughter of Martha McMinn and Abney Bond Abnah John Bond, along with about 50 citizens in 1859, formed a township named Prairie Creek. Putman Road is named for this family. John's farm passed through five generations for 100 years before being bought in the 60's by the Corp of Engineers. John Bond Putman is buried in the Shiloh Fort Smith Cemetery (location unknown). He may have died in 1862 after the battle of Pea Ridge enroute to Fort Smith. Matilda Bond is buried in the Oakley Chapel Cemetery.

Letter from Audra Rae Morrison: Her grandmother Lisette told of her mother (Matilda, married to John Bond) "was out in the yard combing (Julia Carolyn) Cal's hair where they lived on a farm not too far from the Pea Ridge Battlefield during the Civil War. The bullets got to falling around so bad they had to go into the house. Her father (John Bond) was in the Army because the next major battle was at Prairie Grove where he was wounded. They went on down toward Ft. Smith where he took pneumonia and died and was buried at Ft. Smith. When Lisette took sick Aunt Mattie and Uncle George Putman (John Bond's brother and his wife) took Lisette and the children; when she died they buried her with Grandmother Bone in the old cemetery at Pea Ridge."