Putman Family Cemetery

Putman Cemetery, west of Rogers Arkansas
Jim and Chris Putman explore the Putman Cemetery with Jerry Putman

Putman Family Cemetery

Historical background

The Putman family cemetery was originally located on James Pervine Putman's property, up the hill from his farmhouse. In 1884, the heirs of James Pervine Putman (six children, their spouses and his second wife) sold the land, retaining only the 2/10 acre cemetery. James' and his wife's graves rest behind Jahu's and Rachel's and his sister Sarah's. Grave sites include James' daughter Josephine, a few Pucketts (a family into which his sister Julia married) and many unmarked pre-Civil War stones. It is said some of the unmarked graves contain two paupers who were let be buried there and two babies. The cemetery sat in the middle of a cow pasture until a new highway opened up development in the area.

Bobby Putman mapped the cemetary in the 70's and he listed William Spain 1872 age 18 years (only date). This could have been a brother-in-law of Mrs. M. E. Spain's who also died in 1872. The grave stone doesn't exist anywhere.

A grandson of JM, Thomas Jerry, built 423 feet of ornamental iron fence, and his son Danny helped him install the fence around the Putman Cemetery. Donations poured in from descendants of William, James and Julia to preserve the family cemetery. A Cemetery Celebration was held May 22, 1999, and a new generation of Putmans gathered to honor their ancestors. They walked under the majestic arch with the letters PUTMAN to view the new gravestone, provided by the U.S. government, for Jahu, a veteran of the War of 1812.

Putman Cemetery Association

Jerry Putman, President
4819 Rocky Ridge Trail, Rogers, AR 72756

The Putman Cemetery is located at 3504 Magellan Blvd., Bentonville, Arkansas. It is maintained by the Putman Cemetery Association. Behind the marked decorative gravestones are many pre-civil war stones in the east part of cemetery. According to mappings by Charles Robert Putman in 1970's and the University of Arkansas Archeology Department on 7-14-1997, there are approximately 44 graves.

The oldest person buried in the Putman cemetery is Jahu Putman (Mar. 2, 1794-Jan. 17, 1880). In 1999 the government donated a new stone to the cemetery for this patriot who fought in the War of 1812. Jahu's original headstone is broken and lies on a rock slab covering his grave.

The last burial was Sarah Dwyer in 1892 (or Alvis Sellers in 1909), and current by-laws allow for no future burials. The ancient stones were made of marble or limestone, since this was the only material available in the 1800's for this area. Also, there were no tools available to carve granite, such as diamond and carbide tools of today.

A Putman Cemetery Association was formed June 23, 1997. Elected were officers: Jerry Putman, president; Sharon Pippin, vice-president; Bill Compton, treasurer; Marie Putman, secretary. From donations provided by descendents of Jahu Putman, Jerry Putman, great-great grandson of Jahu, built an ornamental iron fence, and his son Dan helped install it around the 2/10 acres of land on which the cemetery sits.

The cemetery has a 501 (c) 3 status and is making application to be on the National Register of Historic Places. A few stones have been repaired, and grants will be sought to repair others, damaged through the years from being in the middle of a cow pasture.

Charles Robert Putman had an interview with Mrs. Wm. G. Godley about 1972 in which she gave him the following information. Alvis Sellers Puckett was buried in the Putman Cemetery beside his first wife. His grave is the long slab without a name beside Josephine which reads "Josephine, wife of A. S. Puckett."

After his first wife's death Alvis Sellers then married Sarah Helen Simms. They had five children: Smith, Annie, Margaret Lousina, Mary and Coleman. Albert R. son of A.S. and S. H. Puckett, buried next to Josephine in the Putman Cemetery, could be infant son of Alvis Seller and his second wife, Sarah Helen Simms (look at initials) because he was born five years after Josephine died.

Original description of the land where the cemetery sits

The cemetery was on James Pervine's land, containing 160 acres. When his descendents sold his farm, they retained the 2/10 acre of cemetery plot, listing it as follows: land contained 160 acres more or less all in township 19, north range 30 W: W 1/2 of SW 1/4 and W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 9. There is reserved out of the above land the family grave yard, described as follows: vig: beginning a sand stone which is 49 degrees east and 33 rods and 5 links distance from quarter section corner on west boundary of section 9, thence runs east 9 rods: thence south 4 rods: thence west 9 rods: then north 4 rods to the place of beginning.

Row 1

Sarah Dwyer, Died 1892

Jahu Putman, Died 1880

Rachel Putman, Died 1876

Row 2

James Pervine Putman
Died 1822

Marinda Putman
Died 1873
Josie Dehart
Wife of W.H. Dehart
Born Oct 9, 1854
Died Mar 4, 1888

Jesse Dehart
Son of W.H. & J. Dehart
Born Oct 15, 1879
Died Nov 8, 1879

Row 3

Susanah F. Puckett, Died 1884

James H. Puckett, Died 1867
Stone unknown
Stone unknown

Row 4
Stone unknown
Slab unnamed
Alvis Sellers Puckett
Born Feb 6, 1850
Died Jan 31, 1909

Josephine Wife of A.S. Pucket
Born Apr 22, 1856 Died May 6 1880

Albert Puckett
Died Aug 26, 1885

Row 5
In Memory Of

Lemira T.
Wife of
N. P. Gotcher

Born Dec 29, 1847
Died Sept. 26, 1880

McWhirter Bro. (Craftsman)

Mrs. M. E. Spain Wife of W. M. Spain
Departed this life Oct 27, 1872
Aged 28 Yrs & 12 ds.
Mary Palmer

Wife of
R. D. Puckett


(Square stone
on long slab)

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