Thomas Frank Price

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Thomas Frank Price and Zulima Webb Price ca. 1900
Zulima looks like her father Isaiah Webb (1796-1881)
She has thyroid problems as can be seen
(Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Zulima Webb Price ca. 1900
on back Mr Albert Put Grandmaw Riggs
(Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Price Family House ca. 1892
Edna Price, Teresa Price Putman, Albert Putman (baby), J.M. Putman,
Horace Price (boy), Stella Price Morrison, and Aletha Price (girl).
Front: (seated) Thomas Frank Price and Zulima Price.
(Photo courtesy of Charles Robert Putman)

Price Wash Day ca. 1900
Photo is unlabeled and seriously faded
Edna, Teresa, Bill, Aletha and Stella
(Photo courtesy of Charles Putman)

Charlotte Bogle, J.M. Putman, Bill Putman, Lela Hileman Putman,
Joe (baby) Putman, Albert Putman, Zulima Price and Teresa Price Putman, ca. 1915,
in front of J M's house in Pea Ridge, AR
(Photo courtesy of Carol Putman)

Thomas Frank Price's parole papers from the Confederate Army, May 15th, 1865.
This copy was made from the original owned by Maxine Morrison before her death

Thomas Frank Price may have fought in this battle
Pea Ridge Arkansas Military Park Civil War Plaque
Dunagin's Farm
Here on February 17, 1862, Brid. Gen. Rains with the
Fourth Arkansas Regiment and the Third Louisiana
ambushed the advance of the Federal army under Brig.
Gen. Curtis killing 20 of his men and some 60 horses
in his advancing cavalry. The Confederate loss was
only three or four. This was the "bloodiest" skirmish
between the troops of Curtis and Price thus far


By Maxine Morrison January 1979

Among the pioneering families that left Bedford County, Tennessee in 1852 were Mathis and Elizabeth Price and Isaiah and Frances Webb. These two families went in covered wagons with their black slaves to homestead the tree-covered Ozark Hills in Northwest Arkansas near the small community of Pea Ridge, Ark. The Price family settled three miles west of Pea Ridge near a big spring from which they carried water. The Webb family settled a bit north and east of the Price homestead.
Mathis Price (1810-Mar 18, 1875) and Elizabeth Price (Oct 15, 1808 - Oct 3, 1875)
Isaiah Webb (Apr 20, 1796 - Sep 7, 1881) and Frances Elizabeth Webb (May 19, 1802 - Apr 23, 1860)
Prices are buried in the Pea Ridge Cemetery.
Webbs are buried in the Hickman Cemetery.
Thomas F. Price and Zulima Webb, being young teenagers, came with their parents and must have enjoyed the adventures. These two were married Dec 27, 1866, by John P. Maxwell in Bentonville, Benton County, Arkansas. T.F. served in the Confederate Army, being discharged May 5, 1865. The couple lived in a large two-store home on the homestead. Possum Trot, a school/church, was located on the property near the spring and was the center of many activities for miles around. The minister often stayed at the Price home. All of the Price children attended school here. Of course, they had wagons and buggies for transportation, but often walked the three miles to the "store" (Pea Ridge). A few times each year they made the seven mile all-day trip to Bentonville for a special treat in shopping.

Thomas Frank. Price (Apr 22, 1838 - Nov 10, 1905)
Zulima Webb (Nov 4, 1838 - Jan 31, 1917)

Thomas Frank Price was the son of Mathis (1810 - Mar 18, 1875) and Elizabeth (Oct 15, 1808 - Oct 3, 1875) Price, who are buried in the Pea Ridge Cemetery. Zulima Webb was the daughter of Isaiah and Frances Webb. Frank and Zulima Webb had five children were born to the T. F. Price's in the same house.
  • Teresa Price (Dec 8, 1869-Jun 28, 1933)
    Teresa married Joe M. Putman May 30, 1889 and had two sons, Albert and William T. Putman. She is buried in the Pea Ridge cemetary.
  • Albert Putman (Mar 23, 1890-Jun 25, 1958) married Lela Ann Hileman
  • William Thomas Putman (May 02, 1899-Mar 24 1984) married Sibyl Florence Carden
  • Estella Price (Jul 21, 1875-Dec 30, 1928)
    She married Dr. Max A. Morrison, had 2 sons and 1 daughter, Eugene Price, David Dean and Maxine. Estella is buried in the Hickman Cemetary about 2.5 miles west and south of Pea Ridge. Mr. and Mrs. T.F. Price also are buried in the Hickman Cemetary.
  • Eugene Price Morrison (Nov 12, 1916 - )
  • David Dean Morrison (Apr 18, 1919 - )
  • Maxine Mae Morrison (Nov 4, 1921 - )
    Maxine was a school teacher in Bentonville, AR. She never married. She is buried in the Pea Ridge Cemetary.
  • Edna Price (May 24, 1877-Dec 23, 1968)
    She married John Hickman on Oct 11, 1893.
    John Hickman (Jul 22, 1879 - Jul 27, 1964) is buried in the Hickman Cemetery. Edna and John had 2 sons and 2 daughters, William T., Clyde, Wildon, Alma and Lillian. Edna is buried in the Hickman Cemetary.
  • William T. "Buss" Hickman
  • Clyde Wildon Hickman
  • Alma Hickman
    Alma married Orville Crabtree.
    Orville Crabtree (1904 -Jan 1981) and Alma had two children:
  • Elizabeth (Betty) Hileman 1931 married Mr Dean
  • Lunn L Hileman married Mr Bush
  • Lillian Hickman (Jul 13, 1908- )
    Lillian married Olan (or Olen, Olin ?) Anderson Hileman on Dec 15, 1934.
    Olan Hileman (Nov 28, 1905 - Dec 14, 1970) and Lillian had one child:
  • William Wayne Hileman
  • Horace F. Price (Feb 23, 1881-Nov 4, 1962)
    Horace married Janie E. Price (1880 - 1950). They are both buried in the Pea Ridge Cemetary.
  • Frank Price (1910 - 1986)
    Frank Price married Nona J.(1917 - 1990). He was a champion fiddle player in Northwest Arkansas. They are both buried in the Pea Ridge Cemetery
  • Julian Price
  • Aletha Price (Feb 6, 1855-Mar 23, 1963)
    Although Allie (Aletha) had no children, after caring for her aging mother, Zulima, in the frame home, she lived with her brother Horace and his family and helped on the farm with the children there, and whenever needed by her sisters, to stay with them. When Max, Stella's husband, died Allie stayed with Stella quite often and helped on the farm and with the care of Stella's 3 children. Later Stella moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, with her 3 children and after a time Allie joined them and was there when the death of Stella in 1928 left the children orphans. Allie stayed on and took care of these three children.

  • Elkhorn Tavern Reunion: circa 1918
    Captain Pickens, Leno McDonald, Rev. Wilson, John Hileman, William L. Carden, John Woodard, John Hilhair, J.C. Lee, and Jimmie Long at Elkhorn Tavern in Pea Ridge, Arkansas for a reunion around 1918.
    (Photo courtesy of Charles Robert Putman II)

    Thomas Frank Price and Zulima Price grave in Hickman Cemetary
    Thomas F. Price (Apr 22, 1838-Nov 10, 1905)
    Zulima Webb (Nov 4, 1838-Jan 31, 1917)

    ca. 1890 Unknown: perhaps
    Max and Stella Morrison

    Photo courtesy of Charles Putman

    (Tintype): circa 1900
    Back: Max Morrison(?), unknown
    Front: Curry Bogle and J.M. Putman
    Photo courtesy of Jerry Putman

    Maxine Morrison told Jerry Putman that her father came from England. He
    made eyeglasses and travelled around the area in his work. He was shot
    in downtown Pea Ridge by his neighbor because of a dispute over a fence line.

    Max Morrison and Stella Morrison grave in Hickman Cemetary
    Father: Max Morrison (1871-1921)
    Mother: Stella Morrison (1875-1928)

    Isaiah Webb grave in Hickman Cemetary
    Isaiah Webb, Born Apr. 20th, 1796, Died Sept. 7th 1881

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