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Bobby Putman (Jun 10, 1923 - Jun 4, 1983)

Bobby Putman was the son of Albert Putman and Lela Ann Hileman. He married Carlamae Wiley and had one son: Butch Putman

Bobby, Carla Mae and Butch Putman in 1956

Bobby Putman, U.S. Navy ca. 1945
Photo courtesy of Carol Putman

Charles Robert Putman, U.S. Navy ca. 1946
Photo courtesy of Carol Putman

Bobby Putman's Navy outfit ca. 1945 (third from right in front)
Photo courtesy of Carol Putman

Charles Robert Putmanís Story Charles Robert Putman, born June 10, 1923 in Pea Ridge, Arkansas, was known as "Bob" to family, and his wife always called him "Put." Bob joined the Navy as a young man, and retired after a career of over 20 years. During WWII he was garrisoned with his fellow troops on the Pacific island of Guam until it became occupied by the Japanese in 1941. He returned to the island after the Americans regained possession in 1944.

Bob married an Avoca girl Carlamae C. Wiley June 10, 1944. They bought a home in San Diego, California, and Bob left Navy duties long enough to be with his wife when his only child Charles Robert II "Butch" was born August 9, 1946. After Bob was stationed in Oahu, Hawaii, Carlamae took her baby son to join her husband. She left the babyís bottle in the taxi when she went to the airport and they flew across the ocean without a bottle, but the baby was fine, she recalls. Put met them at the airport with leis. Their home on the military base was one side of a Quonset hut (a tin hut). A Commissary was across the street and the Brig on the other side.

"Put knew me that time," his wife said. "But one time he met us after a long separation and I was thin and had my hair dyed. He didnít even know me." The Putmanís loved Hawaii, but not the sand. Carlamae recalls going to a Filipino wedding under a large tent with wonderful Hawaiian food. Bob spent much of his time on the island of Hawaii and played golf with his Admiral there, but never learned to like the game. However, he would bring Carlamae back the most beautiful flowers from the island.

Bobís brother Vance was stationed at the same base, with his family, so the brothers became close. Once a third brother Fay was returning home, after being wounded in Korea. Vance and Bob met Fayís ship and it caused quite a curiosity to see three brothers in the military meet in Hawaii at the same time. Butch went through the third grade in Oahu, before the family returned to their home in California.

After Bob retired from the Navy he moved back to Arkansas and bought a small farm in Pea Ridge where Butch finished school. After Butch graduated Bob sold his farm and bought a large house in nearby Brush Creek that looked like a mini-mansion with tall white pillars on the front. He bought a motorhome and a boat and loved to spend time at the lake. Bob worked with his brother Rex on antique cars. He rebuilt two trucks himself, a Model A and a Model T. He sold the motorhome and bought a trailer and they would sleep on the table when he and Carlamae went with Rex to antique car shows.

Bob spent much of his last years working on Putman genealogy. He and Carlamae took trips to Tennessee and North Carolina to hunt down relatives from their past. In one town he learned the courthouse had burnt down at one time, so couldnít find out much about family. As he was leaving town an old man pointed up a hill and said some Putmanís were buried there, but he didnít know who they were. That was just the first of many old cemeteries they visited and they often gave donations for upkeep. Bob loved genealogy, and had so many books on the subject. His son inherited most of his papers and pictures.

Bob worked over 20 years at the Rogers Memorial Hospital and became indispensable to the maintenance department. He was in charge of a major building program when he suffered a heart attack. He died June 4, 1983, six days before his 60th birthday. He is buried in the Pea Ridge cemetery. His widow lives in Rogers.

1956 Putman Men: J M, Danny, Billy, Jerry, Albert,
Butch, Rex, Bobby, and Bill

Danny, Jim, Butch and Billy Putman(ca. 1970)

Sons of Albert and Lela Putman: 1952

Left back row: Joe, Rex, Bobby.
Left front row: Jerry, Vance, Fay

Sons of Albert and Lela Putman: 1979

Back Row: Fay, Vance, Jerry
Front Row: Joe, Rex and Bobby

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